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  1. Just an update for everyone who has experienced the blank yellow screen and nothing more. The IC above I've found out is an LM2717 power supply chip responsible for the 3.3 volt and 1.2 volt lines. In the above shot you can clearly see it melted. After replacing it the unit is now fixed and powers up fine.
  2. I forgot to mention it is U11. The picture is upside down but you can see it in the middle bulged and covered in black.
  3. Hello Everyone, i've got a problem with a blown IC. I believe this to be the flash memory IC since it doesn't come up in software when i try to update the firmware so I'm stuck with a blank yellow screen. Unfortunately the chip is so damaged I can't read what it is to get a replacement. I'm handy with a soldering iron but without knowing what the chip is even the local service centre says they won't be able to fix it. If anyone out there has one they can read the specs off of that would really be helpful. Thanks joel.
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