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  1. Yes I know. Thats why all musicial doing live perfomance with IEM
  2. This one have only 5 ms latency To practice the guitar you need a minimum latency, preferably in a total amount (including input, conversion, processing, conversion and output) of up to 10-12 ms, in order to spoil your sense of rhythm.I will give an example for myself, I played through Asio4All for about 1.5 years (measuring the latency, it took 30ms), I decided to switch to another driver where the delay was at least 1-5 ms, I noticed that I was constantly rushing ahead of the rhythm, even the drummer on rehearsals, I am constantly told "Where are you flying ahead of me?"
  3. Gooooood!!!!!! So this is only way for budget home playing guitar and IEM monitoring? Should try it right now! But why he connect his IEM into notebook? Does it output audio through the wasapi driver?
  4. Where you found about 32-40 ms? Its not bluetooth, its wi-fi standart, so its have about 3-5 ms latency max... 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n, I don't know for sure, but the latency is the same as on your wireless gamepad from consoles or a laptop with a smartphone connected to a wifi router, it does not increase much compared to a wired connection. P.S.: I starting hear latency in about 8-10ms... Check it when at the same time I played direct monitoring (DI signal) and listened to the output from the DAW.
  5. OK guys!!! I just win this question! Just search for "wireless analog headphones" on amazon or sameOK guys!!! I just win this question! Just search for "wireless analog headphones" on amazon or same. And you will found it, not laggy as f@ck bluetooth standart, but another more faster same 2,4 ghz wifi standart analog transmitor with jack/trs connection without any latency! Sennheiser they did it for a long time, even 10 - 15 years ago to watch TV, it's strange that no one began to miss out on so many useful developments!
  6. That's what I did, but I wrote that I measured the total latency and it was 10-12 ms. Now I want to be wireless, because hardwired… to self-destruct... If you know what I mean)
  7. Hello there!) I've been looking for a wireless solution for wireless guitar playing at home for a very long time. I have a audio interface Behringer U-Phoria UM2. I connect a guitar to it via a wire and headphones via a wire and use the ASIO driver. The total latency from touching the string to the sound output to the headphones (taking into account the processing by plug-ins) is 10-12 ms, which, according to most, is the limit of the acceptable latency for monitoring your playing. To wirelessly send the signal from the guitar to the interface, I found a solution, this is Yamaha THR or Boss Katana Air with built-in receivers and their proprietary transmitters for guitars that do not have a latency, but there is only a JACK connector for monitoring output. I never found a solution for wireless signal reception from the audio interface. Radio systems are too expensive (starting at $ 400) and bulky + you need to hang a radio receiver for headphones on a guitar strap (which is not very convenient for me). There are also Bluetooth headphones, but they need a Bluetooth receiver that is inserted into the computer's USB connector (which does not suit me, since I use an audio interface with a jack connector). Recently I found for myself Jack-Bluetooth an audio transmitter that allows from audio interfaces through the Jack, to translate the signal to bluetooth headphones, but the question remains, how big is the latency there? And are there such headphones (earbuds, earplugs), complete with a branded Jack-Bluetooth transmitter, for minimal latency?
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