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  1. Awesome. Thanks. I was looking at the older DMC 3 series. But wasn’t sure if it would work well. This current version is an option.
  2. Looking for recommendations for a 3 Button footswitch either midi or aux switch. Most likely a midi based on my understanding that an external TRS switch only allows me to add two. I’d like to use the HXS buttons to control effects within in a preset and the 3 button external switch to control preset scroll (one switch up and one down) and tap tempo. The DMC micro is great but only 2 switches and the Morningstar is overkill for me at this time. Any others out out there to consider? TIA
  3. Thanks for the reply! I will do that asap. Here is a photo for reference...
  4. So I have an Acoustic 700 that is long out of warranty and in my possession 10 or so years. A few years back the bridge starting lifting off the body. It looks like the bridge was glued to finished body rather than the wood of the body and then finished around it. Maybe that’s normal protocol, dunno.... I stopped using it and began searching for a repair. At the time, my local line 6 certified techs would only work on electronic issues, not body repair. A luthier wouldn’t touch it because it was a “unique and uncommon instrumentâ€... I believe he was full of crap... Another would only agree to fill the lifting area with glue and clamp it. Well that failed. I used the guitar for about a week and the bridge again lifted and eventually came completely off. It has since sat, bridgeless, in my music room. It’s a fun guitar and plays great and I’d love to repair it (or maybe even do some sort of transplant). Any ideas were I can get a replacement bridge or how to repair it? I’ll try to post pics later.... TIA
  5. No problems Pugdealer. I looked at the video again (which is really well done) but home recording is above my mental abilities so I when I heard stuff about the software, etc. I sort of tuned it out. But I certainly did get some tips from it!!
  6. Thanks Pugdealer. But that video seems appropriate for interaction with recording software. I'm just interesting in getting the HD500 to control rack gear via MIDI. Thanks silverhead for the tip. Still trying to wrap my head around this whole MIDI thing. Understanding what each mode can do and how I can utilize it. I think I'm going to need to spend a lot of time figuring out how I want to organize my patches across all the units and then to the HD's footswitches.
  7. That video is great. But your method is for a computer based app or DAW. Will the method work the same when using the HD500 as a midi controller for other midi equipped stompbox pedals or rack effects? Hopefully the original poster will come back with more info. Like which SDD3000? (I'm assuming its the new "reissue" pedal). And is the problem setting the HD500 or the SDD? In any event, here the manual for the Korg....MIDI starts around page 22. http://i.korg.com/uploads/Support/USA_SDD3000_OM_EFGS1.pdf
  8. Are talking about the new SDD-3000 delay pedal or the old rack unit?
  9. Thanks silverhead! I got it connected and able to change patches. A bit difficult for me, but its working. I still have some tweaking and patch organization to take care of. I was actually thinking of selling the HD500 since I hardly used it. But it now has new life!!
  10. Long time POD owner here but admittedly went back to my standard analog pedals for awhile. I held onto the HD500 as a backup rig. Recently acquired a Korg A3 and Eleven Rack. Been looking at MIDI foot controllers to control both rack units. Remembered that the HD500 can be used for MIDI. So rather than shell out cash for a unit when I have a potentially viable one already, I'd like to use the HD500 to control patch changes on both the 11R and A3. I looked through these forums and reading up here and the manual, but I'm a MIDI noob. Most of what I've seen, though, deals with the HD500 as a MIDI controller for loops or some DAW. Can the HD500 in MIDI make the patches on both rack units change at the same time? I'm assuming that I MIDI daisy chain the gear. HD500 midi out --> 11R midi in --> 11R midi out/thru --> A3. Theoretically, is as simple as setting the HD500 to change the 11R which in turn sends the change to the A3? I undertand that I will likely need to make some settings changes to the HD500 and the 11R. Thanks in advance! F
  11. Thanks for the input! As much as I like the HD500, it is just way over my head.
  12. I'm thinking of downsizing my pedals (sort of) and going from the HD500 to an M9. I don't really use a lot of the HD500 functions (no amp/cab sims) and I also have a stompbox based board with it. So I think the M9 would suit me better. Tough decision though because I love the HD500 and had it since its release. I use a few effects and really as a big headphone amp. I would like to start recording soon. Haven't tried it yet. So my question: Do you think I would be better off with an M9 (with my other pedalboard) + UX2 for recording and headphone play or just keep the HD500? I've been watching the used market for awhile now and I get close to an even trade (but possibly a little cash added on my end). What you think? Thanks! F
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