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  1. ok - this is weird - if i port the sound out from the macbook to the pod go through the usb, i can hear it through the headphones plugged into the pod go, but not the amp if the amp is plugged into the amp out line. if i port the sound from the macbook through the headphone wire to the podgo aux in line, no sound through amp or headphones?
  2. i am conencted via usb to the cpmtpeiur to use the pod go edit software. how would i play music through the usb too?
  3. I want to play backing tracks from my computer through the Pod Go so i can can jam with them and lsiten with my headphones on. I changed the Global setting so that the fx return/aux is set to always on aux in. But the music is not playing from the laptop?
  4. new pod go user here. Connected pod go to tube amp using 4 cable method in teh owner's manual. from what i would expect, any effect in the signal chain before the effects loop icon on the pod go should be routed to the front of the amp and any effect after the effects loop iconon teh pod go shoul dbe going to the amp's effect loop in the back of the amp. If that is true, I would expect that if i place an effect after the pod go effects loop icon and toggle the effects loop of on teh pod go, i should NOT hear that effect in the amp since it should only be going through the effects loop that I clicked off. But - i still hear the effect in my test. AM i missing something?
  5. I have a Blackstar club 40 tube amp. When i plug my pod go into it (via any 4 Cable Method or any otehr method I tried), I would expect that the sound would remain unchanged when i toggle off the pod go effects, preamp and cab. but - i notice that the sound is slightly different running it through the pod go with all effects and cabs and preamp off; compared to plugging guitar directly into tube amp. is this normal? the difference is slight, but noticeable and disappointing
  6. hello - i just bought a new blackstar club 40 and line 6 podgo. wondering how you ended up connecting your line 6 device to your blackstar?
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