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  1. Anyone else update and not able to see the new US Princess amp in the amp list?
  2. I can connect the Helix (which says firmware 2.12) to the older HX Edit software but still when I close everything out and try open the new HX Edit I still get "connection interrupted" and it won't connect. So it appears I can't update the firmware on the Helix unit unless I can actually open the new HX Edit 2.92? Am I missing something?
  3. Ok. So I deleted HX Edit and went back to on an older version matching the firmware on the helix. (I also reset factory settings on the helix) The HX Edit did connect this time. Now I just need to dig around and see about getting the firmware updated. Thanks for the input, it put me on the right track.
  4. I see. Ok, so I did purchase it used. Does that mean there is a firmware number in the Helix and I need to try and download an older version of HX Edit to match? And then I can update everything? Thanks for the help.
  5. There doesn't appear to be anything else open and still the same results.
  6. No USB hub, just straight into the computer. Let me check on the Updater and make sure it's closed.
  7. I downloaded the Helix drivers and HX Edit software. When I connect the Helix to the compter, power it up and open the HX Edit software it keeps giving me the message "Connection Interrupted" and continues to do that when I click reconnect. I'm using a Mac running El Capitan. Any ideas as to how to get the unit to connect to the software?
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