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  1. Awesome Guys. Thanks. Im gonna try it on Tuesday at practice. I didn't at first but now I understand why I would need an IR. A cab would work fine also I assume. Thanks again. This forum rocks.
  2. If I dont need a line level return then I can just use the Send/return Block instead of the two (send L and Return R).
  3. Also if I use the stomp left send and the hx stomp right return, I can set the left send to instrument and the left return to line. Should I set the hx stomp left output to line? I am not so familiar with effect loops on amps. I know some of them are line and some are instrument level. Do PA's want line level or instrument level?
  4. Thanks RD2RK and Schmalle. Let me see if I got this correct. I will also attach an image. Guitar > HX stomp input > hx stomp effect > hx send left > pedal > amp input > amp send > hx stomp left return > hx stomp effect > hx stomp left output > amp return > music in a parallel sort of thing the hx stomp right output can just go to PA. Shouldn't the hx stomp return be set to line level because its going to receive a line level signal from the amp return?
  5. Hi All. Hope you can help with this. Hope its not a stupid question. I want to run the hx stomp in 4cm effects to put effects before and after the amp, but I want to keep the real amp preamp (not use a modeler) in the chain. For example if I wanted to go to the PA: Guitar -> hx stomp input -> hx stomp compressor -> hx stomp Phaser ->[hx stomp effects loop send - set to instrument level] (to two distortion pedals in series) -> input to the real amp [hx stomp effects loop return set to line level]-> hxstomp chorus -> hx stomp delay -> hx stomp reverb -> L/R out to PA Question 1. Would this sound good or would the amp just be kicking to much power into the stomp? Or maybe there would just be too much gain going to the PA? Question 2. Is it possible to do this sort of setup so that the final sound comes out of the amp and not through the PA at all I know I can run the Pedals into the front of the amp and then just use the HXStomp in the effects loop, but I want to be able to use the HX stomp compressor and Phaser before the pedals. I also realize that I could run the Pedal in an effects loop and put the comp and phase in front but then I still have the puzzle of getting the chorus, delay and reverb after the amp preamp. Is it even possible? Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the responses @jonandtice , @phil_m and themetallikid . hx stomp is really a powerhouse for such a small device.
  7. Thanks Phil_m. I understand. But stereo effect2 should come out in stereo. Right?
  8. Thanx for the response Phil_m. So my next question would be about this chain: stereo effect1 -> amp -> stereo effect2 -> dual cab block.
  9. To clarify: If I run this signal chain: stereo effect1 -> amp -> stereo effect2 -> cab will the stereo (ness) of effect1 and effect2 be preserved in the output? I know that if you run a stereo effect1 into a mono effect2 the stereo of defect1 will be lost. so do the separate amp and cab blocks preserve stereo?
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