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    Ah yes - just found out about the Litigator. Actually sounds v close to what I’m after, and pairs well with the Dhyana drive which is supposed to be a Zendrive (which itself was based on a Dumble ODS sound).
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    I know ‘Dumble’ can mean different thing to different people but I’m surprised there is no Dumble type amp in the POD Go. The tone in my head is the late 70s/early 80s Robben Ford, David Lindley, Larry Carlton sounds - from pretty clean to mid-thick saturated overdrive with pick attack. I’ve always been able to get something I’m happy with using my amp and pedals but, so far, I’ve not been able to create anything similar on the PG. Anyone had any luck doing so? I’ve not been able to get
  3. Hi, I'm trying to recreate the early PM tone as accurately as possible, but not sure if it's technically possible on the PG. I'm, happy with my dry amp tone (JC120 -> Ampeg 4x10 cab), the FX are more of a challenge. PM sounds like he uses a chorus + delay but it's actually a stereo digital delay he uses to create the chorus effect - L side 13ms, R side 26ms, both with pitch modulation - then a 450-500ms mono digital delay on the dry guitar tone. I can create the doubling effect of the stereo delays using, not surprisingly, the 'stereo delay' in the PG, although there is no modulation in the stereo delay, but don't think it's possible to have a separate delay on the dry guitar tone only (I imagine this is a job for the Helix). I could add a vibrato after the stereo delay and longer mono delay in order to get some pitch modulation but this will also effect the dry guitar tone. I could also add the longer delay with modulation (Dig w/Mod). Both of these sound pretty close to my ears, but I wondered if someone with greater knowledge of the unit than I (I've only had it a week and played with it for a few hours in total so far) can think of a better way.
  4. Resurrecting an old thread, but you can always put a commonly used pedal in the FX loop - in my case an ‘always on’ compressor - thereby freeing up an FX block.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Nice playing! I’ve been playing and listening to jazz guitar of all styles using various guitars and amps for over 20yrs so have a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for. Before solid state amps came of age in the 70s most players used something that provided a good clean tone like a Fender Twin Reverb. The TR adds a lot of high frequency harmonics which often need taming, especially with full hollow-body arch tops. The likes of the Polytone amps are much drier sounding (many people accuse them of being muddy or boring sounding), but these actually complement archtops (and even semi-hollow and solid body guitars) very well, if you are looking for that recognisable jazzy tone, and that is what I was hoping someone might have come up with already. There are a couple of presets on the customtone page so will give those a spin. Then I’ll hopefully come up with some of my own...
  6. Hi Has anyone had success creating a really basic, clean tone that’s good for jazz on a hollowbody archtop with humbuckers? I’m thinking of those acoustic-y solid-state Polytone Mini-Brute type tones. I’ve messed around a bit with the JC-120 amp but can’t get it to sound quite ‘woody’ enough (if that’s makes sense?!)
  7. Just received a new PG and the volume pedal taper is very abrupt ie goes from v quiet to v loud very suddenly at about the halfway mark. No mention of being to adjust this anywhere in the PG or PG Edit manual. Anyone know if it’s possible to adjust this? If not, can I permanently reassign the pedal to be expression for another parameter, and use an external expression pedal to control volume? On a separate note, the big volume knob has no effect when I use the Amp out jack, but works with the Main out. Is this correct? Seems silly
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