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  1. I just received my HX Stomp. I'm looking forward to using it. In the meantime, the first thing I did was update to 3.0. I followed the directions and everything went smoothly - or so I thought. It turns out that all of my patches are now named "New Preset". Many of them are configured and do indeed have what I presume to be factory settings. The problem is that the names of the presets got wiped out. I didn't back anything up because I hadn't' used it yet, so I didn't think I needed to backup. Is this "normal"? Is there some relatively easy way to solve this? I mean, if I could find a list of the 3.0 presets I could just brute force manually rename them in HW Edit, but I'm hoping for a more elegant solution. If not, where can I find a list of the presets? Thanks in advance for your help.
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