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  1. Thank you for the responses. I understand that snapshots are the only way of achieving this, but unfortunately I can't share all the blocks of my presets to create a snapshot (which is mainly the reason why I have/use presets). I just have to acknowledge it can't be done between presets (at least with the stomp). Thank you all for explaining also why this happens. I thought because an old 2000's multi effects pedal could achieve this then a newer could as well, but of course different technologies, DSPs, etc. I can live with the lag, and will have to learn to switch faster :)
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering if in a HX stoml it is possible to hold the delay (the delay's feedback probably) while switching to a different preset, so that the transition feels with less lag. I remember I could do this with and old multi effects unit but forgot which one (probably an old digitech gnx3 or a zoom). Thank you!
  3. It would be nice if a Line6 engineer could give us an opinion (long shot probably). But again, this is just out of curiosity. If there is someone out there who has tried it we would love to know the outcome, or if there are wiring diagrams for these I could have a look and maybe buy a used one and try (so we can be sure there is no current/electrical issue).
  4. I agree, and if the scenario is the same as you mention (which is exactly the same for me), just switching to the next or the previous patch is more than enough, and it would fit in its gigbag.
  5. Hello everyone, I have seen the compatibility between pod hd and the fbv products and I understand that the fbv2 is not compatible with the pod hd desktop. But I wanted to know what does really happen when we connect those 2, is it (fbv2) not going to be recognised? Is it (fbv2) not going to be turned on at all? Or is it (the pod) going to do unwanted things when the buttons are pressed? Has anyone tried this before? Is it not recommended at all? I only want to know out of curiosity, and because I would certainly love to travel with that one rather than the express mk2 (it's much smaller and for rehearsing I only need to switch presets). Cheers! \m/
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