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  1. My 69 does it too but only in the modeling mode. Try it while using the electronic pickups. I reported this to Line 6 and got the "reinstall the firmware or send back to Line 6 for repair" responses. They had me send audio samples of it happening. No explanation of why it is occuring. In my case it appears to be software related not the pot.
  2. Thanks for the great replies. Upon further investigation the scratchiness only occurs when in the modeling mode.This has been covered (but not completely resolved) in another thread. So its something software based rather than dirt/grit in the pot.
  3. The volume control on my JTV-69 is scratchy and I am not enthused about having to remove the pickguard and guts to get to it to clean or replace. My concern is disturbing the electronics/wiring. Does anyone have a suggestion on whether to try this myself or have a tech do it( none of which I found have Variax specific experience) or send it back to Line 6.? Thanks
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