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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. Looks like many software developer still tries to make their product to run smoothly on Big Sur. Hopefully nothing's bad happens
  2. Hi Datacommando.... Yes, I just checked out the sticky banner about MacOS11 compatibility. On the other hand, I just sent back my unit to the distributor to have them to have a look. Maybe the next logical step it's to wait until the firmware that will be compatible with MacOS11. Thank you for sharing this
  3. Hi Datacommando. I will definitely will try this. And I also forget to mention that I’m using Macbook Air 2020. Thank you. And if it still gets me nowhere I’ll probably contact the customer service
  4. Hi datacommando. Thank you for your reply. I already did that multiple times but it just went back to its current condition. I already even tried to hold page button when boot up my unit and nothing happens
  5. Hi there. Hopefully anyone can show me where I messed up :). Just got my HX stomp (ver 2.6.2?). installed hx Edit 3.0 and updated firmware 3.01. somehow during the update, the process got interrupted. I turned it off and turn it on again and shows this. When I plugged it on HX edit everything shows (preset, blocks etc), but nothing shows on the unit itself. I still can play my bass through it's just fine. Try to turn it on while pressing the arrow > just show blank screen and nothing happened after one minute doing so. hopefully I can get a glimpse of idea about what happened to my unit. thank you so much
  6. Hi Line 6 forum. I'm glad to join this forum. Just got my HX stomp, but looks like I stumble some problem. It happens when I updated the firmware 3.01 (with HX Edit 3.0). When the firmware is being installed on my HX Stomp, there is error that indicates firmware installation is being interrupted. When I restart my HX Stomp, it looks like the picture below. no indication or whatsoever about the firmware version. The HX edit recognizes my unit, however all the name of the presets on my unit are simply gone. I still can play my bass through it. I have tried turning on while press Page > (simply blank screen) and nothing happened as well. I also have removed my HX edit and re-installed the software. and still having the same issue. Are there any tips for my problems? by the way, I'm using MacBook Air 2020. Many thanks beforehand for any tips you can share cheers
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