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  1. I think what rizzy was on about is that you have to raise the input level at Native by 6 dB to get to the exact same level and therefore tone as if you were playing into the stomp. This is valid when you a record a DI track through USB from the stomp or at unity gain through an audio interface. I figured this a while ago and posted about it in a thread rizzy opened a few days back - it might as well be of interest for you if you plan on going the reamping route somewhen, the 6 dB rise comes into play then as well due to a bug. Take a look here for more information on this: https://line6.com/support/topic/59404-helix-lt-level-difference-between-live-track-and-reamped-track/ Gary
  2. Hi, I just saw this. This issue is also happening with the Helix Native. If I record a take on a DI track and on two 'live' tracks simultaneously from the Helix Floor's USB outputs and want to reamp the DI with Helix Native, I have to raise the level of the DI track by 6 dB to get the same output level that the Helix Floor delivers. Gary
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