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  1. @fflbrgst Thanks for your help! Do you know where in Cubase I can alter this input setting to not be the UX2 as such, but instead the Pod Farm output?
  2. Background I am using the Pod Studio UX2 and Cubase LE AI Elements 10. I also have EZ Drummer and Halion Sonic SE software. My guitar is connected to the UX2, and the UX2 is connected to my laptop via USB. I also have a pair of studio monitor speakers connected to the UX2. I have made preset guitar sounds in the Pod Farm 2 software interface. When connecting my guitar to the UX2 I can hear the wet sound (preset distortion + effects applied) via the monitor speakers. But when recording in Cubase the recorded guitar track only contains the dry signal, the bare un-amped guitar tone. I've tried finding the Pod Farm 2 as a plugin in Cubase, but can't. EZ Drummer and Halion VST instruments can however be set up in Cubase, those work. Search path for Cubase: C: > Program > Steinberg > Cubase LE AI Elements 10 Search path for EZ Drummer: C: > Program > Toontrack > EZdrummer * * There is also a file, "EZdrummer.dll", in the location C: > Program > VstPlugins > Toontrack Search path for Pod Farm 2: C: > Program (x86) > Line6 > POD Farm 2 ** ** This path also has the subfolders "> VST > Line 6" Question How do I get to apply the Pod Farm 2 guitar tone presets to the guitar tracks I record in Cubase? Either up front, so that the recorded tone is correct from start, or as an applied effect post-recording, either is fine. Do I need to re-install Pod Farm 2 in a new location where Cubase can find it, or what to do? Many thanks in advance for any assistance!
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