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  1. I recently started playing regularly again after a longish layoff and noted that I am no longer able to get distortion through my V20. The Crunch preset used to have decent distortion, was good enough for me to just quickly plug in and play, but it no longer works, it's clean with delay and reverb effects. No distortion with Chunk or Insane presets. I have the Spider remote and have grabbed a few custom tones, Ola Englund's, EVH 5150, Symphony of Destruction, the only one with noticeable distortion is the Ola Englund tone. Even this one sounds muddy, flubby when palm muting. I've tried some of the other built in tones, like Rock Rhythm, Metal Rhythm, Metal Solo, none of these have any distortion or crunch either. I've tried flashing the amp firmware, factory reset, custom tones, and playing a Metal Zone and EVH5150 through the amp (used to work), I'm not able to get anything but a muddy, flubby sound. It's possible this is a change I introduced, but I think it's unlikely since I haven't made any changes through the Spider remote until after I had noticed the distortion problem. I'd appreciate any suggestions or diagnostics anyone can provide. Thanks in advance!
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