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  1. Hey Uber Guru, I appreciate your attempt to describe the never-ending quest of the modern guitarist tones but that's not the point of this topic ;) I'm simply asking the different ways that you guys use the HX Stomp. The decisions coming afterwards is our own business and we are all well aware of the complexity of offering a facility with multiple gear choices. Thanks for your feedback though.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I totally get your point and be reassured that we're not trying to fix anything for others. We are mainly dedicated to understand how our artists will use the product so we can prepare patches or pedalboard with what reflects their use. And of course there will be artists who won't need it. That's fine. But that's a very interesting feedback nonetheless.
  3. Hi guys, I'm in charge of recommending multi-effect units to the manager of a big rehearsal structure. Basically, they are willing to buy gear for artists who come for residencies and studio time so they have everything available during their stay. My task is very simple : find a multi-effect unit that would suit most guitarists & bassists' needs. Easy right ? I wish it was that simple ! But I need your help. I have already started my research and the Helix HX Stomp is in pole position (best functionality/price/compacity ratio according to our budget) Now, I need to explain why it is a good option to my manager. And for this, I am listing all the potential uses that people have with it, so I'll be able to back up the purchase with solid proof :) This is where you can provide a better insight on the typical uses, because we welcome a wide range of artists coming from various genres, from the regular W&P guitarist to signed bands as well as local independant songwriters. So... Could you guys explain shortly how you use your HX Stomp ? Is it your only unit or do you use other amps/pedals with it ? is it included on a pedalboard ? What kind of patch to you create with it ? Factory patches or custom ? What does it "solve" for you ? (compact/reliable/quality tone) ? If you can take the time to briefly answer those questions, that would help me immensely in my current task and I would be grateful ! Thank you very much for your help ! Cheers
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