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  1. I have the PC plus, and honestly, Line 6 dropped the ball on this one. It is NOT loud enough for a live band setting if the band has any kind of thump in their stage volume. I love Line 6 products, but this one not so much. For comparison I also have a Line 6 L2M and I just link it and that rocks. I bought the PC plus so I could use both of my L2Ms for a small PA. I know there are all kinds of tweaks to bring the overall volume up, but those are just cumbersome workarounds and I have to make duplicate sets of patches. If I could return this thing I would. Not hating on Line 6, there is bound to be a dud product every once in awhile, and in more than 20 years of using Line 6 products, this has been the only dud I have found. I will keep it as a practice rig or perhaps a low volume amp for my kid, but not anything live or serious.
  2. Was just referred to this topic from gearpage. I just received and 89F, and it has a very prounounced "plink" (I originally called it a "tink"). Very present on the low E string using cruch amount of distortion or higher. I am just glad to know I am not crazy. I love my Line 6 gear, but this is going back.
  3. Thanks. I did try switching from line to amp level. I have tried full patch, patch without cab, and patch without cab/power amp (pre only). Same result.
  4. I am using a Pod Pro HD ProX. Recently I changed to a Peavey rack mount tube amp (classic series 50/50) running to a 2x12 cab with Celestion G12T75s for my live rig. Before I had been going direct to the live PA and used a Power Engine 60 along with house monitors for hearing myself on stage. In that configuration I used "studio/direct" as the output mode. My patches were using the full models (as opposed to pre's). With the Peavey/2x12 cab I would think the output mode would be set to "stack or combo power amp". When I do this the sound becomes thin and harsh. I have tried changing the patches to "pre" versions either with or without cabinet models. In all scenarios the sound is still thin/harsh. Right now I have set it back to "studio/direct", pre version of patches with cabinets. It sounds alright. Perhaps a little compressed and boomy. Just for giggles I tried plugging into the effects return on a tube amp and it was the same issues. I did this before using a Pod HD500 and don't recall the thin/harsh sounds when I set output mode to power amp. Am I missing something? Ivan
  5. I did go back and look and a little harder. I did find one parameter that was off and that was the "master" setting under the amp parameters (with sag, bias, etc). It was pegged at 100 on the HD 500 and on 50 on the the Pro X. Moving it back to 50 did get rid of some of the fizz, but overall the volume of the patch was still more compressed and the volume lower on the HD 500 (which it was even with the "master" setting at 100). The physical master volume knob on the Pro X is at about 10 o'clock and the HD 500 is at 12 o'clock to get similar volumes, but then it turns up the hiss. Right now my work around is to switch to the adjacent amp model and then back and that at least keeps all my effects and their settings and chain location correct, but then I have to go through and adjust my EQ and mixer settings.
  6. I own a Pod HD Pro X and a Pod HD 500. The Pro X is my main setup, I run direct to the PA and use 1 or 2 Tech 21 Power Engine 60s for stage monitors. I use my HD 500 for practice and as a backup. I recently noticed that my HD 500 was really sounding like garbage in practice: volume was lower, there was more noise, gain, and compression (I don't use compression). The sound was thinner. Yet my Pro X sounds great. I was thinking that they should almost identical because I backed up the patches from the Pro X and using the cut and paste method along with the HD Edit software, transferred the patches to the HD 500. Well after about a week of wondering WTF, I pooled all the gear together and did some troubleshooting: I checked the Pro X in both Power Engines to make sure one those hadn't crapped out. With the Power Engines dialed up the same, they sounded the same so no issue with the amps. I then setup both Pods to a Power Engine each and the difference was night and day. Again the HD500 was thin, compressed, fizzy and noisy, and the Pro X was full sounding with no issues. I looked at each patch parameter and they were all the same. I then rebuilt a patch on the HD 500 and it sounded great. I have no idea what could have changed unless there is something in the transferred Pro X patch that doesn't work with the Pod HD. I know there is a transfer program but it does not support the Pro X yet. Any thoughts? I hate the idea of having to rebuild all my patches, and then doing that again for each time I tweak my Pro X patches. I was liking the notion of having the HD 500 as a back up and my practice rig. Ivan
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