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  1. Hi Jerry! Please read Page 12 in the Manual. Jerry
  2. I want to a/b the HX Stomp's amps to an ACS1, so I have a few questions: 1) Would you go Guitar>HX Stomp>ASC1>Apollo Interface or Guitar>ASC1>Helix>Apollo Interface? 2) How do I bypass the HX Stomp so that when I want to only hear the ACS1, the signal will pass though/bypass the HX Stomp so that I can hear how the ACS1 truly sounds on its own? Thanks, Jerry
  3. Hi to all! Same thing happened to me, even after repeated attempts at powering the Pod Go on while holding down the Page Right button, I kept getting the error message that the update failed. The key, and I repeat THE KEY to updating the Firmware is to exit the Line 6 Updater, reboot it, and once you do that you will see a status bar appear (which did not appear in my previous attempts) as it's loading the new Firmware.
  4. I mean it can be a volume pedal or a wah pedal. Just like the pedal on the "lowly" Pod Go :)
  5. Hold the Presses! I just purchased a Mission SP1-L6H Line 6 Expression Pedal, so does this mean I can't add a 2 pedal footswitch?
  6. Sorry if I asked with the wrong terms rd2rk :) Regardless, you answered my question by stating no, it can't support a 3 switch pedal, only 2. Thanks! Jerry
  7. My Topic asks it all! This pedal needs to be no wider than the HX Stomp, and only a few inches front to back. BTW, if the HX Stomp will allow more than 3 additional footswitches, I'd like that even better, so let me know of that model :)
  8. voxmann55, Wow, thank you SO much for taking what I know took a lot of time on your part! Before I make ANY decision, I need to keep reading what you stated over and over as many times as needed, as EVERYTHING you mention opens up the thought process I need to follow. Thanks again! Jerry
  9. Hi silverhead! I probably didn't express my intentions very well :) If I go with the HX Effects, I don't mind buying a Strymon Iridium to go with it, and that will take care of my amp/cab needs. Thanks, Jerry
  10. I need some input please :) Here are my needs: 1) Only a few pedals that include a tuner, volume, wah, compressor, distortion/overdrive, chorus, phaser, tremolo, delay, reverb, a few meat and potato amps/cabinets like a Srymon Iridium has (Fender/Vox/Marshall), and the ability to add IR's. 2) I would use at the most only (4) fx at the same time. 3) I want whichever multi fx board I go with to be the closest thing to an inline pedalboard that has the same above items. 4) I want to be able to move around the unit as close/fast as possible to as fast as I can on a conventional pedalboard. In other words, not to have to dive deep into too many button and arrow pushing/turning, too many menus just to change things such as each pedal knob position, to change the controls on an amp, etc. 5) I would like as big a screen as possible, laid out intuitively and legibly, with as many knobs as possible that will allow me to navigate around the unit quickly. 6) As many foot switches as possible to turn each pedal on and off. 7) I don't care about routing here or there, the 4CM, multiple simultaneous amps/cabinets, parallel this or that, just a basic unit that does the above #1. 8) This will be 98% for recording/reamping, and bringing the unit to another studio. So............................................................................................................................................................................ In essence, as simple as possible :) If I go with a HX Effects, I'll want a pedalboard, a Radial J48 and ProRMP, a Mission Engineering Combination volume/wah pedal, an Iridium, and a power brick to power both units. If I go with a HX Stomp XL, I'll want to mount it to a pedalboard, and I'll want the same Mission Engineering pedal. If I go with a Pod Go, it appears that's all I'll need, but I might be shortchanging myself in other areas I don't know enough to know about :) What do you think? Thanks, Jerry
  11. Hi everyone, Happy New Year! What is that wooden looking case shown on this YouTube video (starting at around 0:17 seconds)
  12. Pod Go/Pod Go Wireless Factory Presets Firmware 1.30.0 01A US Deluxe Nrm 01B AC30 Fawn Brt 01C Brit Plexi Brt 01D Cali Rectifire 02A US Double Arm 02B Essex A30 02C Cartographer 02D Revv Gen Red 03A Archetype JS 03B Divided Duo 03C Brit J45 Brit 04D Archetype Lead 04A Matchstick Ch1 04B Matchstick Ch2 04C Matchstick Jump 04D PV Panama 05A Placater Clean 05B A30 Fawn Nrm 05C Line 6 Litigator 05D Placater Dirty 06A Jazz Rivet 120 06B Fullerton Nrm 06C Brit 2204 06D Voltage Queen 07A Cali IV Rhythm 1 07B Essex A15 07C Cali IV Rhythm 2 07D Cali IV Lead 08A WhoWatt 100 08B Tweed Blues Nrm 08C Interstate ZedJS 08D German Ubersonic 09A Cali Texas Ch1 09B Derailed Ingrid 09C Cali Texas Ch2 09D Line 6 Factory 10A Mail Order Twin 10B Tweed Blues Brt 10C Mandarin 80 10D Line 6 Elektrik 11A Solo Lead Clean 11B Grammatico Brt 11C Solo Lead Crunch 11D Solo Lead OD 12A BAS:Agua 51 12B BAS:Ampeg B-15 12C BAS:SVT Nrm 12D BAS:SVT Brt 13A BAS:Cougar 800 13B BAS:Cali Bass 13C BAS:Woody Blue 13D BAS:Cali400 Ch1 14A CrushDestroy 14B Guns N Sons BBF 14C Chris Buck 14D TheWorldisMad DK 15A FLUFF’D UNDER 15B New Romantic 15C Super Crank JKS 15D CHAOSBREAKER 16A VURNTWAHBbLE 16B Crossroads JS 16C Deaf Leopard JS 16D Fullerton Brt JS 17A Gene’sTrickBagJS 17B Vasoline JS 17C Mayer’ish JS 17D Robben’ish JS 18A Watt Angel PH 18B Dental Plac PH 18C Full Pan PH 18D Open Chordus PH 19A Supr9 Groove PH 19B DLX Seven PH 19C British Bug PH 19D Bambi Fuzz PH 20A Uber Widedrop PH 20B Vicars War PH 20C Trademark 20D Streets w/o Name 21A A Quid For Nutin’ 21B Another Thing 21C Run 21D Cold Shot 22A Boulevard 22B Troopah 22C Shining Star 22D Fish w/ Teeth 23A Straightedge 23B Ridin’ Lightning 23C Every Breath 23D Message Botella 24A Go This Way 24B Guy In a Box 24C Come as U Were 24D Bloody Sunday 25A Tie Yo Mama 25B Monkey Wrench 25C Bit Like Heaven 25D Waterlung 26A Lights 26B Cowboys 26C Sultans 26D Right Next Door 27A Lights 27B Manic D 27C Nothing Clean 27D Breaker o’Hearts 28A Real Thing 28B Dreamy Lead 28C Funky Meercat 28D Next County Over 29A Rockadilly 29B Filter Native 29C Hull Breach 29D Trem Moods 30A Infinite Space 30B Outpost Theta 30C Wave Rider 30D New Preset 31A New Preset 31B New Preset 31C New Preset 31D New Preset 31A New Preset 31B New Preset 31C New Preset 31D New Preset 32A New Preset 32B New Preset 32C New Preset 32D New Preset
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