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  1. jmansf3

    HX Stomp Midi Issue

    Hmmm. Didn’t know that. Thanks so much for the help!!! If I used a midi y cable on the ES-8 midi out do you think that would work?
  2. I had alot if issues with 32 bit IRs as well. I found a free online converter and converted them to 32 bit wav files and then they worked fine. I don't understand why that is. IR info says they are 32 bit before the conversion process. Nonetheless they have all worked for me after converting them.
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem with my midi thru on my HX Stomp. I currently have the HX Stomp and Eventide H9 on my pedal board. I am controlling them both with the Boss ES-8 via midi for program changes. Boss recently came out with an editor for the ES-8 which requires you to hook up the midi in and out to the computer to comminicate with it. This is where my issue comes in. I currently have the ES-8 midi in coming from my computer interface. The ES-8 midi out to HX Stomp midi in, Then HX Stomp midi out to H9 midi in, and finally H9 midi out back to midi interface. I have set all midi outs to midi thru in settings for both pedals. I also set the HX Stomp not to transmit and midi pc changes or clock. With this setup I cannot connect the ES-8 to the editor. The interesting thing is when I remove the HX Stomp and run my midi through the H9 I can connect with no issues at all. So that leads me to and issue with the HX Stomp and its midi thru not working properly. Although the midi info is getting through to the H9 with no issues. I'd really like to get to the bottom of this one so I don't have to keep moving my midi cables around ewverytime I need to edit patches on the ES-8. I have tries everything I can think of including testing all the cables as well. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!
  4. Onstage mixer stand works perfectly for this. I used it for a long time until I installed my Helix into my pedal board. The stand opens up enough to fit the full size Helix and holds it very securely.
  5. My tuner is set to either Variax or Multi since I am using the VDI connection with my JTV 59. I’ve been using my Helix live now for a year and always had acceptable results with my tuner. All of the sudden it’s a nightmare. Obviously something happened. Either there is something wrong with my Helix or something in my update process went wrong. Since there was just an update I figured I would ask if any others were having issues. I am a regularly gigging musician with 27 years of tuning experience. To all with helpful responses, THANKS YOU!
  6. I don’t see why either if there was no change to the tuner in the update but I’m definitly not imagining it either. That’s why I thought a reflash might help. Maybe something just didn’t go right with my update process. Out of ideas since others are not having the same issue and I really don’t want to go back to adding external gear. I want to gig with my guitar and helix and that’s all.
  7. While changing input to guitar did help me in the past, it doesn’t help with the variax and VDI connection. Maybe I’ll just try a reflash and see if that helps.
  8. Anyone else having problems with the tuner accuracy in version 2.3? I have been using my Helix for roughly a year and have absolutly loved the built in tuner but lately since the 2.3 update I find the tuner to be almost unusable. I even tried multiple guitars. John
  9. ‘Volume rolled completely off yet still plenty of volume†What I meant by that is the volume was not turning off even though the pot was rolled completely off. The gain(distortion) would lessen a little but still pretty much had full volume. Thanks for all the replies. I do have an update. I tried using the VDI cable that came with my variax and everything worked perfectly. I then plugged my old cable back in and everything still worked perfectly. I used the guitar last night with that same old cable and all worked perfectly. While I’m happy everything is working properly again I’m worried about the problem popping back up at a gig. I need VDI since I’m controlling the switching with my Helix although it’s comforting to know in a pinch it still functions as a regular guitar with the magnetics and a 1/4†cable. Thanks John
  10. I'm having an interesting issue with my volume knob not working when using the VDI cable into my Helix. For starters I made sure all software is up to date. When I use my variax with the 1/4" cable into my Helix everything works perfectly. When I use the VDI cable my volume knob acts weird. For magnetics with the volume rolled completely off I still have plenty of volume although the gain does change a little. With the modeled guitars the volume knob does work although the guitar still wont turn completely off. I have made sure none of the controls on the variax are locked out on the Helix and everything is set to Don't Force. I cant figure out what is going on here!!! Anyone else have this issue? it seems to have happened since the 2.3 Helix update. Thanks John
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