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  1. Wow I did not actually think someone was going to get back to me this fast that is awesome! I wasn't completely sure what to do but I got impatient and I just updated to the most recent one which you're insisting was the right thing to do anyway. I found the firmware update right on my Amplifi Remote app and downloaded it through Bluetooth right over my ipad. It took about a half hour and afterwards was prompted to factory reset.. I did a factory reset and everything is working fine. I lost my 4 custom presets on the unit but I had them saved on the app and was able to just reload them to the unit. Again super pleased with this amp. I also updated firmware on my friends amplifi the same way. He came to pick it up today and he's been texting me all day about how much fun he's having with it. Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it!
  2. I have owned an Amplifi 75 for years and years and I haven't had any issues that I've seen on this forum. I use it as a Bluetooth boombox basically at parties and I play my guitars on it in the living room when not blasting through my stack in the garage. I use the app to browse and mess with tones and it really is great despite what everybody says. I really feel bad for people who have had issues because I really enjoy it. I have had a good time with it and it's lasted years. But I do have a question if someone would be so inclined to answer it. Today I bought a second one for my buddy who has been eyeballing mine for years. I brought it home after picking it up and cleaned it up and I looked through the app to see all these firmware updates that I never did even on my own unit. You can see that there were a handful of updates over the years. So my question is.. Do I have to download each one of those updates or will the newest 2.60 (I believe) take care of all of them?
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