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  1. Love the clean tones on the Princess amp, but on a tele bridge pickup, it breaks up in a really unpleasant way. I was hoping that it might be something resolved in the new firmware but with the new speaker modelling, it's still there, most noticeably once gain is above 4 . It's definitely not my pickups - the Deluxe amp sounds awesome on the bridge. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it's a part of the modelling on the original Princeton amp line 6 chose? Shame because that edge of break up tone is often where it's at...
  2. @voxman55 Thanks! Could you suggest guitar cable that might rectify the impedance issue? Thank you =)
  3. Hey line 6 peps, Happy owner of a Pod Go, my first Line 6 product. I would really love for the Pod God to get the Line 6's awesome shuffling looper. Some retailers list the Pod Go as having a shuffling looper, but my unit doesn't. Am I missing something? Upgrade? If not will the shuffling looper come to the Pod Go? Many thanks for your thoughts!
  4. Seems like it could be a simple fix to have the option to use the AMP OUT pre the amp modeling so the amp modeling (and speaker) could be used solely for front of house sound? @Digital_Igloo could this be a possibility for POD GO in the future? I’m guessing that most folks using the POD GO with an amp on stage like the way their amp sounds and want the modeling for FOH.
  5. Ok Thanks! I’ve seen a few people on YouTube requesting this function too. To my Way of thinking if you have an amp you like the sound of and want that on stage why would you use the pre or power amp modeling? It’s just doubling up which causes issues as you want this to be the tone for front of house but the pre or power amp selection might not compliment your amp on stage...
  6. Hey everyone, I understand that I should use AMP OUT to go direct to my guitar amp, but I can't understand why this is placed after the AMP sim in the chain and not before it? I can of course just turn off the block but I feel like I'm missing something... ?? Those using AMP OUT do you use the POWER AMP or PRE AMP or just turn the block off?? Thanks in advance =)
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