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  1. Thank you for the response! The VDI cable is brand new, so it shouldn’t be the problem. I returned the hd500 and bought the 500x, should be here Monday. So hopefully that solves my problem. update- I think I’m an idiot. I don’t remember pushing the model knob in, so it may have been operator error lol.
  2. I bought a Variax 600 and a POD HD500 recently, with the Variax cable. Plugged it all in when I got it and the Variax didn’t work. Returned and bought a jtv. When I got it, the same thing, electronics wouldn’t work. Mags work fine though. My question is, if I take the battery out of the guitar and plug it into a POD HD500 via the Variax port, that should power the guitar without it having a battery, correct? So my problem most likely lies with the POD?
  3. I can’t get Variax workbench to install on my computer. I’m running OS Big Sur or whatever. When I try to install it says that the package is incompatible with this version of macOS! Please help, I need workbench
  4. What would you guys recommend as an easy to install tuner machine upgrade for my Variax 600? I want locking tuners for sure
  5. I get that, but I already know the luck in standard tuning and I’ve never played around with baritone tunings, so I’d really just like to get the correct pitch through my hd500
  6. I have a buddy who has a helix and is able to make his guitar sound like a baritone guitar, ie “Killin Time” by Clint Black. My question is, how do I set my HD500 to do that? Sorry, just bought me a HD500 to power my Variax, so I’m pretty new to this.
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