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  1. Bumping an old thread ... so I have qc15s, and on all my gear (axe fix, thr10, helix stomp, the volume is low and when I turn up even the slightest they distort. So if others are using them it's gotta be my patch levels? Seems strange that all 3 would be low. When I play through my atomic CLR, my levels are fine. Of course the CLR is rated for 500 watts I think
  2. I've got my preamp maxed so to get the claimed 125 dB in Line 6 cab .... I'm not sure where I go for that additional volume. I'm sure the attorneys are involved in setting the default so low so that no one's hearing gets damaged and they get sued
  3. I noticed the -32db too, should it be 0? Is there a way to set to factory defaults?
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