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  1. mikeyg00

    The Mother of all Headphone Complaint Answers

    Bumping an old thread ... so I have qc15s, and on all my gear (axe fix, thr10, helix stomp, the volume is low and when I turn up even the slightest they distort. So if others are using them it's gotta be my patch levels? Seems strange that all 3 would be low. When I play through my atomic CLR, my levels are fine. Of course the CLR is rated for 500 watts I think
  2. mikeyg00

    Not loud enough?

    I've got my preamp maxed so to get the claimed 125 dB in Line 6 cab .... I'm not sure where I go for that additional volume. I'm sure the attorneys are involved in setting the default so low so that no one's hearing gets damaged and they get sued
  3. mikeyg00

    Not loud enough?

    I noticed the -32db too, should it be 0? Is there a way to set to factory defaults?