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  1. YES! There is a MIDI command to scroll up and down through the presets. Or rather, 3 commands. For preset scroll up: Msg 1 Press CC71:1 Msg 2 Press CC50:127 Msg 3 Press CC71:0 For preset scroll Down: Msg 1 Press CC71:1 Msg 2 Press CC49:127 Msg 3 Press CC71:0 Now I just need a CC command to switch what's viewed on the screen.... One thing I found out was that for the first 30 presets, the PC# which is automatically sent out by the Stomp every time you change a preset will change the bank on you. To fix it, I turned off PC#tx in the Stomp and it works fine. I could also disconnect the cable from the Stomp Out to the MC6 in. I imagine someday that having the MC6 respond to a preset change might be useful, but I don't know if the MC6 is capable of if/then statement programming, etc.
  2. I'm confused? Many people successfully use preamp blocks to boost their amp models in Helix.
  3. Spikey, Spikey, Spikey... tsk tsk ;)
  4. FlyingsCool


    Or use a slapback delay instead?
  5. Yeah, I was going to tell another user to search the forum here for all the threads, and give a few examples. I couldn't search for anything, much less FRFR.
  6. Can we have the old forum back? This is getting really hard to use.
  7. So, I wanted to search for people's favorite FRFR, and got no results I searched for Best FRFR Favorite FRFR FRFR Best FRFR Speaker Best Speaker Got no results. No matter what I searched for. I know they are out there. Or did people get so sick of other people asking that all such threads were deleted?
  8. I don't like how you can't see who created the last post either anymore.
  9. No, I changed the cab in cab 1. It didn't affect the parameters of cab 2. I will try it again tonight, but I'm positive it didn't. It did reset the parameters of cab 1, so if I changed to a new cab in cab 1, the parameters in cab 1 became the default for that cab, and when I switched back to the originally chosen cab, it had it's default parameters, not the parameters it had before I switched cabs. Line 6 support is there for both bugs and general help. I'm using Editor version 2.52 and firmware 2.54 (and driver 1.14 I think, whatever the latest is) I should add, the only parameters I was changing on cab 1 and cab 2 were the mic and distance. I'll change the hi and lo cuts, too, next time I test. And who knows? I could be wrong in what I saw, but I tested it a few times in a few different combinations.
  10. If using a TRS cable and pulling it out a bit helps, perhaps a TRS-TS cable would fix it? (IOW, clip the ring line on one end).
  11. So I just checked it on my unit, using HX Edit 2.52 with Helix 2.54. If I choose a dual cab, and I change some options on the first cab, then select the second cab and make some edits, then go back and select the first cab and change what it is, the second cab stays what it was originally at, and it keeps my edits. If I choose the second cab and make some edits to it, the first cab is not affected. What exactly are the steps you are making that are giving you frustrating results, and what is the result that is happening? What does happen to me, and this is working as designed; When I select the new cab, it changes all the settings to the default setup of that cab, and if I go back to the original cab I was using there, all the changes I made are gone. But, as I noted, this is working as designed. Man, I hope someday they allow us to create a library of settings for all blocks (IOW, give us a third column in the device column set that let's us see a list of user defined block setups).
  12. What version of HX Edit and Helix firmware are you using? While we all appreciate everyone posting their potential bugs on the forum, please also make sure you open a ticket with Line 6, too. While they definitely read these forums, the best way to get these issues logged is if you work directly with their support people so they can reproduce it. In the meantime, I'll run upstairs and check it on my Helix. I'm pretty sure this didn't happen in the past on mine, but I'll check it on mine which is now on 2.54.
  13. I don't but I've read several people using this amp in 4CM successfully.
  14. I'd start with what you consider to be a good clean sounding amp, and then put pedals in front of it. Dirty amps often don't sound so hot with pedals in front of them. I've been using the Lonestar for that a lot lately, I think the Archon and Mark IV also fit the bill, as well as the JC120 and even the Essex 30 (Vox) with the gain (or your volume knob) turned down, and of course the venerable Fender Deluxe or Vib (I've been liking the Vib lately). Which brings up another point, I also highly recommend using your guitar volume knob to clean up your tone and don't even bother with pedals except for a mid-boost. Here's a great video showing the range of tones you can get from an amp Line 6 Helix - Trainwreck Express, Demo by Dom Hawthorn
  15. So I searched, here's one post of a billion out there that discuss this... Ya wanna clip the ring lead. It probably doesn't matter which end you plug in which. I just put the TRS in the pedal for consistency.
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