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  1. Hi Is it possible to use the expression pedal on the pod go as a midi controller for an app like neural dsp guitar plugins? The gojira app has a 'wow' pedal that would be great if it could control it using the pod go thanks
  2. Thank you! Can’t believe I didn’t think to turn the volume down…. I spent hours trying to figure it out!
  3. HI! I downloaded a trial of the Gojira plugin from Neural DSP. I was hoping to use my Pod Go as an audio interface with the app. Is anyone successfully doing this? I am getting both the direct sound, plus the effected tones with my set up. I tried turning off the amp and cab blocks in a preset I created, but the 'original' tone can be heard clearly when I play the standalone or VST version in Reaper Is there a way of disabling direct monitoring with the Pod Go? or is it the input/output signals that I need to change in my setup? Or is it better that I buy a separate audio interface for those times I want to use an app like those from Neural DSP?
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