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  1. Thanks. Here's the video I'm referring to. At 7:30 he assigns both an Essex and Placater to the same switch, toggling between the two. Later he adds a comp that only engages with the clean tone. Each time he touches the switch, the color of the corresponding block lights up on it: I'll be checking out Snapshots very soon. Building a solid foundation at this point. Thanks, again!
  2. Hi. I'm watching one of Ritch Castellanos' videos. He's assigning multiple devices to one footswitch. I downloaded his 3 basic presets and am finding that I can't toggle between the different amps/effects by touching the switch. Finding the same when I go to factory presets, as well. I'm wondering if there's something I'm supposed to do in settings, as I'm seeing in the video that his switch changes color when he touches the footswitch. Mine stays the color of one amp. And the color of both the amps is the same on my screen: red. On his, one is red and one orange...and the light on the footswitch displays this, in turn. New timer on the device. It's very cool and I want to get the most out of it. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I did take cars of the activation process and the Purchase History/Order Details show that I've activated Native and authorized one of the five devices I'm allowed. I think the terminology is what threw me. I was thinking that I'd need to do a separate registration process, as I'd done with my Stomp. The Registered Gear section of the registration page only shows that unit. I was wondering whether Native was in the "Gear" category or not. Guess not, seeing as it's not on the pull down menu. Thanks, again. Third Stone From the Sun...quite a place. And one of my greatest influences on the electric.
  4. Hi. I'm new to this world. Just got my Stomp and Helix Native and am very happy with the sounds and possibilities. I'm hoping for some answers about: Whether it's possible/necessary to register my purchase of Native. I don't see it listed on the pull down menu of the Register your Product page. Can I use Native on my iPad? Pretty sure that's a "no". Thanks for your time.
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