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  1. Hi ! Interested by this topic... I a have a problem with the configuration of my Cymatic LP 16 + Pod Hd 500 + Evh 5153. We are working to send midi program change from the Cymatic to the Pod, and we want to make also change the channel on the EVH. So we configure a midi track from cubase with program change and export it through the cymatic and it work : For example Program Change #6 to switch to my Bank 2 / FS6. It also change the channel on the amp because we have linked the EVH with the POD BUT.... when changing from Bank 2 / FS7 (My clean sound with the green channel on the EVH) to Bank 2 / FS6 (my overdrive with the red channel on the EVH), the led is changing on the amp, but there is no sound ! We noticed that when we activate the FS6 directly on the footswitch... it work. So how can I activate the sound when my pod hd change FS when reading the midi file ? Thank you so much !! Oliver
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