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  1. Maybe some little improvements.... I was (until yesterday) running Ableton LIVE 11 release 11.0.12 w/ NATIVE, but it was a train wreck. For instance, in a new LIVE project, with only ONE channel with only ONE plugin(Native), this simple test setup results in Native "Preset" (from the factory) red-lining and with CPU clips within a few seconds of hitting the first note....oddly, the first couple of seconds, is fine, and then clips, and then fine again for X seconds, and then CPU clips again....a train wreck. UPGRADE LIVE? I just today upgraded to the current LIVE 11.1.1 build, and it seems to be 40% improved....but of course, that is still not good enough. This is just a quick observation, and may be completely inaccurate, but it seems like 11.1.1 has improved some things and I have 40% ish less CPU clips (especially on those factory presets that has less dramatic Delay and Reverb and Modulation in the chain). btw, I am running a fairly high-powered DELL w/ Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz w/ 32g RAM. Also, I am using Throttlestop (to help remove some crackling during live gigs)...so I don't know if that is a factor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJYgpnXWzCc https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon After reading many Native CPU forum user issues, spread across many Hardware platforms and diverse DAWs, this really gets me pondering if the Cores are not being used in the optimal way (something I know nothing about, not even how to test it). Or if, perhaps, some mystery wicked combination of ASIO drivers, audio interface drivers (either UA Apollo or Steinberg or Focusrite or Berhinger, etc etc etc), software design of the DAW, software design of NATIVE...it ALL creates some messy combination of factors which as a whole, make the outcome pretty disappointing. Thoughts? NW
  2. Terrific update. Thanks. To be clear, I will not try to new rechargable batteries on the 700, but are you also saying don't even use AA or 9v REchargable batteries on the 700?
  3. I have a 700 acoustic, but also a new Line6 Standard (strat). Admittedly I like to consider crazy things sometimes, so, I am pondering if I can use (with heavy modification), the Line6 "Standard" strat battery (like the JTV battery) to power my 700 Acoustic. The easy part is getting the connection (that is just some creative wiring and routing), so what I don't know, is the voltage/amp stuff. Specifically, is the "Standard" JTV battery gonna damage the (older) 700 Acoustic (based on a 9v or 6 AA battery) circuits? Anyone have a solid background with these circuits and wanna chime in on this crazy electrical possibility?
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