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  1. I am hoping and praying we get some Zilla cab models, Diezel and PRS Stealth Cabs. I would like to see some cab love in an upcoming update
  2. Tested my Archer. Its similar to the model on the Helix, but much much much thicker with more depth. I have to rework my High Gain Archon presets, and EQ out the low end. Now that I really tested it, its not as tight and focused as the Minitaur. I can appreciate the depth it adds, but its just not worth it. I think the Overdrives in Helix are really really good. Returning the Archer
  3. How are you monitoring? FRFR? Or monitoring through your interface?
  4. I would like to see 7, and 8 string Variax guitars. Shuriken headstock, with a telecaster body, or a more Ibanez RGA style cutout body. Lots more modern players out there are looking for something from Line 6 that can draw them in to combining Helix with Variax.
  5. I just ordered the J Rockett Archer, and I wanted to see if anyone has used their own OD's with Helix, and their experiences. Precision Drives? Archers? TS's? Lemme know
  6. Im just waiting for EVH and Diezel. Those two models, and Im completely content. Otherwise I love the Helix, my joey sturgis IR’s sound sick with it, and Im definitely happy. I just need the EVH and Diezel models for specific projects
  7. Eh, I can wait. Mikah912 has a point. Other companies are not popping out upates with this much content. Im just hoping for Diezel, and EVH
  8. As far as better stock cabs, the majority of legit players, and producers use impulses. The new Ownhammer Zilla cabs are utterly devastating. For me, I don't think I would ever use stock cabs. Unless its some kind of ground breaking update, I just don't see the need.
  9. Yea, besides the Diezel models, there really isn't much else in the high gain area to want or need. I am def on board with some better reverbs. I think legit reverbs will be the big game changer in the next update if we get them
  10. The Helix rack I returned did not work. The Helix LT worked, so maybe the racks have some sort of issues.
  11. Ok so after buying the Helix LT, it works perfect on my MBP 2011. Seems that the Rack units may have an issue with the 2011 MBP.
  12. I would love to see a Mike Fortin model, or the Randall Satan in an upcoming update
  13. This flaky usb thing is kinda BS. Axe Fx editor, Kemper editor, Maschine, and basically any and all other hardware with editors work perfect on my MBP 2011.....except Helix
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