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  1. I have been struggling with the 4 Cable Method and my Marshall DSL 20 tube amp for weeks. I could not get it to work or get my head around it. Been through the manual and numerous other forum posts. Finally saw a YouTube video that shone some light and as Borat would say "Great Success!!!". In the signal path you must place the amp/pre amp and cab blocks after the Mono FX Loop block. You should deactivate the amp/preamp and cab blocks. You then need to activate the Mono FX Loop block. The level of the signal from before the Pod Go Mono FX Loop block being passed through the FX Loop must be adjusted by the FX Mono Loop block controls, so that the levels before and after the block are uniform. My Marshall pedal FX loop switch must be engaged to bring in the effects after the Pod Go FX Mono Loop block. And, very importantly, the level of the effects/signal after the loop is controlled by the Pod Go main volume control. Which muddys the water and threw me a curve ball, as it has no effect on the signal or effect blocks before the FX Mono Loop block. Good luck. Show less
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