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  1. I raised a ticket. So far they don't have a clue, even though this has happened to numerous people. :(
  2. Bought my first preset from the Marketplace. When I try to import it through HX Edit which I am logged into, I just get this message: "hx edit was unable to import this preset because the required license was not found. The following product packs are available for purchase from Helix Marketplace * 65779" I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. :(
  3. Update: After months of Line 6 technical support trying to get Helix Native to work on my Windows 10 computer, they said they will refund my purchase because they have no idea why it doesn't work on some computers that are in perfect working condition. I don't think Helix Native is ready for Prime-Time, but at least Line 6 is willing to admit Helix Native has major issues and willing to issue refunds.
  4. I opened a Line 6 ticket. After months of numerous suggestions from Line 6, I get the same failed (blank screen) result every time. Line 6 doesn’t have a clue. I have a high end computer with numerous audio, video, and photography software & plugins installed and this is the ONLY issue I’ve ever had. It appears this issue happens to a lot of people. Very disappointing.
  5. I am having this issue on a Window 10 computer that is working perfectly (except for Helix getting stuck on this loading page). I sent in a ticket, but haven't heard back yet. This topic was created about a year ago! Is Line 6 helping anyone with this issue? Thanks
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