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  1. Brian, for 12 dollars plus shipping I will buy the input jack off of it! This piece. https://reverb.com/item/18574007-line-6-50-02-0071-input-pcb-assembly-for-spider-iv-series
  2. Yeah, the used amps run about 140 dollars.. 140 for a 12 dollar part? yikes. thing is I don't need the whole part really.. I just need the metal part that screws into the PCB assembly. (Just the piece that the jack plugs into - the silver/metal screw) If I can find that piece to the part, I would be good.
  3. I just called Full Compass, they said that this part has been discontinued. Sooo, it looks like I have to buy a whole brand new amp? That's not a good look for Line 6 here if they discontinued a basic part like a jack input.
  4. Full compass seems to be out of stock.. is tis something that Line 6 should have available?
  5. Hey there! I have a Spider IV 75 and I am in need of the guitar jack, Line 6 50-02-0071,Input PCB Assembly for Spider IV Series However, looking online and even on Line 6 website, this part is no longer available. Anyone know if there is an after market for the part at all?
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