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  1. Thanks, but no, that doesn't help, it is just swapping Tip and Ring. I need something makes the T-S (or R-S) connection "open" when the HX effects sets it to "closed". A kind of TRS connector NOT logic gate :-). In fact, that might be a good thing to search for......
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it doesn't work unfortunately. I did also find a suggestion on the forum to have a simple gain block set at 0dB on the same footswitch. Might try that, although it's addressing the symptoms rather than the cause of the problem.
  3. Hi. I am using my HX effects unit to switch channels and FX loop on my Marshall DSL20 head. It has a TRS cable foot switch. The tip switches the channel and the ring switches the FX loop. I’ve successfully got it to do all the switching, however I’ve found the amp is expecting the reverse of the signal from the HX effects. Meaning that when the ring is NOT shorted to the sleeve, the FX loop is on, and when the tip is NOT shorted to the sleeve the ultra gain channel is on. This means the lights and logic on the HX effects are doing the reverse of what you’d expect based on the amp. Is there any way to reverse the logic of the ext amp outputs so that when I activate the switch the TRS cable is “un-shorted”, or alternatively to have an LED change colour instead of dimming when a switch is bypassed. Currently I’ve got it set up as snapshots to avoid the problem, but that’s a bit of a pain because I need 4 switches instead of 2 to cover all the combinations.
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