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  1. I just realized that there are new models for the rotary. I wasn't looking under "stereo". Oops! Thanks for the heads up So, scratch that suggestion, but I'd still like a CrunchBox/Angry Charlie. And that toggle/name thing :)
  2. Please update the rotary model. The legacy one sounds OK, but could use a major improvement. The Strymon Lex or the EHX Lester G (the one I use) are great sounding pedals... plus, when switching from fast to slow and back, the speaker ramps up and down. That, IMO, is such an important feature in a leslie simulation. Would also love a MI Audio CrunchBox or Mooer Cruncher model too! And/or a JHS Angry Charlie or AT pedal. Lastly, would love it if the custom names that I come up with for a stomp location that toggles between the two effects on one switch would also toggle between the custom names rather than the "active" effect name going dim. As well, toggle between the two active colors... again, rather than one going dim.
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