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  1. Hi I am getting some weird high pitched whistling when I turn the gain up on my external amp when using the following routing via Helix Edit. Guitar > Helix Guitar In > Helix 1/4" Out > External Amp In > Cab clone Line Out > Helix Aux In > Helix XLR Out However if I plug my guitar directly into the external amp (see routing below) its all fine - I can turn external amp gain up to full without the whistling. Guitar > External Amp In > Cab clone Line Out > Helix Aux In > Helix XLR Out I have set Helix 1/4" Out to instrument and my amp is an Orange OR15. I have also checked and double checked in Helix Edit that I have not inadvertently created a feedback loop. I can't seem to establish what it causing this noise - if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Thanks Tim
  2. penningt

    Can't send MMC

    I've just installed MIDIOX and I can confirm that it is detecting the MMC messages from Helix - so I guess this is an implementation issue with the applications I am trying to control - Maschine and Reason.
  3. penningt

    Can't send MMC

    Hi rd2rk - I am trying to use Reason and Maschine - they're picking up the clock but not the transport. I'll keep trying things out and see how I get on... Thanks for your help. Tim
  4. penningt

    Can't send MMC

    Hi rzumwalt - thanks for your message. I am aware pc stands for program change - reading my post back I understand why you asked the question. I am trying this with Reason and Maschine - in both cases the transport is not responding to MMC. However I was surprised to see Reason responding to MMC when selecting (just as a test) Helix as a control surface. In addition I have also hooked Helix up to the midi monitor in Plogue Bidule and - it shows midi clock coming in but not MMC but maybe that's because Bidule doesn't detect MMC. I'll keep looking - thanks for your help.
  5. penningt

    Can't send MMC

    Hi I am using the template "Daw Remote (MMC)" as I'd like to control the transport on various applications on my pc. On helix I have set global setting to "send midi pc" to "usb and midi", but when I select any of the messages (play, stop etc) in the template nothing is received on my pc software. I am able to send midi cc an clock without any problems. I am using 2.21 firmware - wondered if anyone else is having problems with sending MMC? Thanks Tim
  6. This is exactly the behaviour I am seeing - it always goes back to the first bank as soon as I select a foot switch. Well I wish it was working like this for me... To work around this issue I tried saving my tones to Bank 1 however whenever I do this Amplifi gives my 4 blinking lights next time I power on. The only fix at this point is to a factory reset. What's going on?! Hopefully its user error - please enlighten me...
  7. Hi all, I am running Mobile Pod app with Sonic Port on an iPad Air The problem is latency is too high to play When I change the audio buffer settings it has no impact - the 20 ms setting produces the same latency as 2 ms Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it just me? Tim
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