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  1. The disappointment of compromise lasts far longer than the memory of the purchase price. I bought the 60 believing I could plug in my Nectar Pacer MIDI footswitch. I couldn't - not without a MIDI host box that cost more than the price difference of the 100 HX. So, I upgraded and am very happy! Still struggling a bit with programming the Pacer (I am a guitarist after all...) - but I can already choose from the 12 presets, turn boost and effect on and off, even change some of the knob settings with an expression pedal. As far as I can tell, the 1/2 Watt setting isn't a proportion of total wattage, unlike 50% and 100% settings, so there is no difference in that respect between the 60 and 100. What you do get is an extra 40 Watts if you ever need them, a dedicated MIDI DIN socket, and the satisfaction that you didn't compromise for a relatively small amount of cash. I find that the size difference is barely noticeable.
  2. 100 HX. I originally bought the 60, but I own a Nectar Pacer MIDI foot controller that I use with Logic and Amp Sims. The only way I was going to get it to work was to buy a MIDI host box that cost more than the price difference between the amps. With the switchable output I can sit in front of a 100W amp and enjoy playing, without waking up the kids. I think they're great! You'd pay almost as much for a powered speaker cab - and it does that as well. 6 amps, 6 reverbs, 18 effects. Effects loop. MIDI control. XLR out.....and so on. Everyone has a gripe about foot pedal control - and, if I didn't have the Pacer I would agree. But - the Catalyst Edit app is so very useful. I hit my loop pedal, play in a section of a song, dial in a sound, save it as a preset and that's it! My only qualm is the absence of bluetooth - I'd love to have a tablet on my mic stand and change my presets wirelessly. I certainly wouldn't judge them by factory presets - that stuff is for music store tyre-kickers. Slip into manual mode, twiddle some knobs and you get a real feel for the versatility and usefulness of the tones available. If you really spend the time - esp. with the app - you can craft some very fine sounds. It's a huge amount of high quality sound and gadgetry for not much money. Plus, if I ever want to repaint my studio, the 100W would strip the walls if I cranked it right up!
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    I too struggled with MIDI (see my response to little spaceman's post) and finally succeeded. It's great to have foot control, but the ability to use the app to store a preset for each song in a setlist and recall it is really valuable. It's a shame you can only be the length of a printer cable from your amp!!! I have to say though, my 100 HX is one hell of a lot of awesome sound, effects and gadgetry for the money. Line 6 have ticked a huge number of boxes. (shame about the bluetooth.......)
  4. I had the same issue with 60 HX. Tech support suggested the Kenton MIDI host (as above). Again, it would have cost more than the difference between the 60 and 100W models. My store thankfully allowed me to exchange, and I now have the 100W - which works with my Nectar Pacer foot controller and gives me control over so much more than a basic footswitch would. I think that Line 6 are fudging a bit with their promos. As a guitarist, how would I know that a MIDI foot controller won't work over USB? Yet they seem to imply that the only difference between MIDI on the 100 HX and the 60 HX is that the latter uses a USB socket. I really think they should be explicit and say the 60 HX can use MIDI with a computer - which is about as useful as adding an ashtray. Why wouldn't you just use the app?
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    The Mac/ipad/android etc options for editing the Catalyst and switching presets are terrific - but no bluetooth??? You can buy a bluetooth speaker from the supermarket for next to nothing, but we're expected to go wired, with unusual adaptors in some cases. I'm tempted to wait on purchasing a Catalyst amp until bluetooth is added - it would make a huge difference.
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