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  1. I had a sound guy suggest a DI box from the POD to the PA. Has anyone done this? Is this unnecessary?
  2. How do you all figure out what volume will work in a live setting (for example direct into PA) when making tones. It is clear that when you turn the volume up, the tone sounds completely different. I am trying to get my POD gig ready but am just having a hard time figuring out at what volume the tone sounds good enough that I will trust it at a gig.
  3. Great tips, I'll give these all of these a try!
  4. Just to add something, I am using treadplate with a tube screamer
  6. I recently got the 500x for gigs. One thing I am noticing is when I roll back the guitar volume it doesn't react like an amp. I get a very "digital" sound when i roll back the volume. Does anyone have any tips on how to tweak settings. I'd like to have an overdriven tone that I can clean up a bit with the guitar volume knob.
  7. I found the following video on YouTube: It is by TrueFire. It seems like there is a whole series of these, but I can't seem to find them (even for purchase). Any one ever find the rest of these?
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