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  1. Hi, in my case at least it was a simple fix (post updating to 1.30 but I don't know to what extent this helped): somehow the pedal (whether wah or volume blocks) had to be activated through Pod go edit on a given preset BEFORE being enabled (or capable of being enabled) by pressing physically on the switch through the pedal itself. After a couple of iteration I have managed to make it work that way. Once activated it stays so, no need to fo through the software each time. Hope this helps.
  2. Hello, I have the same problem as described by lmorten503 above. Brand new pod go (wireless), and the pedal won't work - the parameter moves on the screen when I press physically, but no wah or volume modulation whatsoever in the sound. I have upgraded firmware to 1.30 which did not make any difference. Am I missing something simple ? Was the problem above solved in the end ? Many thanks.
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