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  1. This is the cheapest 150 Watt amplifier circuit you can make,I think.Based on two Darlington power transistors TIP 142 and TIP 147 ,this circuit can deliver a blasting 150 W Rms to a 4 Ohm speaker.Enough for you to get rocked? mcdvoice
  2. With the recent release of Waves Plugins V12, users can now Resize Waves Plugins on screen. Indeed, this has been a top feature request from users. Learn how to scale the user interface as you need. For example, if you have a 27″ or a 4K screen, you can scale the UI up to 200%! If you’re working on a laptop, you can decrease the size of the plugin interface to 75%. These are preset increments that are in a new top dropdown menu. Choose from 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200% breadth. It’s worth mentioning, these sizes change automatically, but you can also set them to your preference. krogerfeed
  3. Expression pedals are used to control variable parameters on electronic music equipment such as digital amplifiers, rack effects, stomp boxes, MIDI controllers, and keyboards. The pedals do not contribute to the sound themselves, but remotely control aspects of the device they are connected to. KrogerFeed
  4. Watson Tone Analyzer leverages cognitive linguistic analysis to identify a variety of tones at both the sentence and document level. This insight can then used to refine and improve communications. indigocard
  5. I am looking for the same, did you found anything? MyCCPay Login
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