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  1. I have got the unit since almost a year now. During this period I have always used the G70: on rehearsals, at home and all the gigs too with my band (~3 gigs a month), mainly with electric guitar (lately I used it with an acoustic too). I utilize the scenes on the receiver, I have 2 scenes, one with a 6 dB boost for nice sustain with single coils. During my use of the G70 I had only one gig where I experienced two 1 second dropouts during a 1 hour show. At that gig there were many strong wifi hot spots in the area, during the channel scan I saw lots of traffic in the form of those little bars on the scan screen. Apart from that gig I had no dropout problems at gigs. Ah no, sorry I had one gig outdoors where the sun was shining so hot on my pedals that I could barely touch the receiver unit. There I had 2 1 sec droputs during a solo, and when I tried to look at the unit after the song I saw that it has just turned itself off (I guess to protect itself from the heat). After a half hour cool down time it was back in operation again and working without problems since then. My home/rehearsal experience I already described here, nothing changed since then.
  2. Not saying that it is that feature that is causing the dropouts, but could you try to turn that feature off on your transmitter that's doing the dropouts? I am just curious if that solves the problem for your transmitter... On my transmitter the auto sleep is on but I have had no serious dropout issues so far.
  3. Good question about the scan display, interests me too. In my mind I am currently interpreting the bars as traffic indicators which show traffic intensity (larger traffic -> taller bars) near the channel below which number they are located. So basically I would think the smaller the bars near the selected channel, the better (ideally no bars at all). But maybe someone from Line6 will give us the correct answer... or maybe we just shouldn't care, just accept the receiver's selection :). To me it seems like there can be some faulty transmitters out there as there are people who have one transmitter working ok but the other one not. Just by curiosity: can someone who has dropout issues check if they have the auto-sleep-mode on on their transmitters?
  4. Did you buy it used or new? I bought mine new in September and it already came with the updated v1.03 firmware. I had no serious dropout issues, see my experiences here: Since my post, I did another 1 hour show in a wifi-crowded closed area (I think even the sound guy used wifi when mixing from his iPad) without any dropouts. I chose the recommended channel after the scan, although I saw that even the selected channel had some traffic on it sometimes (looking at the small bars under the channel numbers on the displayed scan page on the receiver).
  5. Here are my coverage experiences with the G70: Last night at band rehearsal which was at a small building with no wifi around the area I was able to get out of the building and walk away at least 19-20 meters (65-70 feet) from the receiver without any dropouts on my G70 (firmware v1.03). There was definately no line of sight. Actually I turned back just because the guitar sound I heard from the building started to get very quiet, I could hardly hear myself... :) Bandmates could also verify that there were no droputs during my walk. Also no droputs during rehearsal. Already did two 1.5 hour shows at open outdoor places without any dropouts. The only time I experienced a 0.5-1 sec dropout was at home with many wifi devices in the house and my wifi router being closer (2 meters) to the receiver than me (at least 3 meters) and also NOT scanning for a clean channel, just picking channel 8 because that was my favourite number :). Since then I do a scan before usage and so far I have experienced no dropouts. But even being on channel 8 at home I was able to get a lot of playing (4-5 hours) without that dropout occuring once. Inside my appartment there seem to be no dead spots where dropouts would occur constantly. If I go outside, close the door of my appartment and start walking away I experienced that the signal starts to drop out after ~12 meters. Taking into account that my wifi router was only 2 meters away from the receiver and there were many active wifi devices in the house and there were thick walls and a door with metal reinforcements inside between me and the receiver, I think that 12 meters is acceptable to me. Keeping fingers crossed that there will be no negative experiences in the future, and I will stay a satisfied customer.
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