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  1. Hi, I downloaded a tone for my HX Stomp from the Custom Tone forum and it seems to work fine but I do get this error message telling me it's missing an IR. Is there a way to find out what this IR is and is there a way to get it? I'm using the HX Stomp software on my Mac. I'm new to this, thx
  2. Hi, as a new user I'm thankful for the tones that people make available in CustomTone. I just came across one that I really like, and the author suggests adding an IR to it, I guess to customize it? Would appreciate any advice on what it means when someone suggests adding and IR to the tone, and if there's a methodology to it on selecting one. Thank you
  3. thanks, always appreciate experienced users pointing new ones in the right direction :)
  4. Hi, just got an HX Stomp and am trying to setup setlists with the HX Edit software. I can't seem to find a way to delete presets, or at least reset them to an empty one. I would like to create playlists that have only select presets in them, but can't seem to find a way to delete or reset existing presets to a "New Preset" status. Hope this makes sense, thx
  5. Yes, good point and am totally aware of that. Too many variables at play at best of times, but as you say, it is a good starting point. More than anything, it will get me started to play around with the parameters and eventually give me the tools to create my own :)
  6. Is there a place to go to for finding presets for the HX Stomp based on artist tones? I've looked in the Share Settings forum but not having a lot of luck. Trying not to re-invent the wheel creating tones if folks are sharing theirs :) Thanks
  7. Hi, I just got the HX Stomp a couple days ago, and have started playing around with the HX Edit software. Possibilities of creating new presets seem endless so I'm excited to find this forum, seems like the right place to check if other users have created a tone they are sharing with everyone. My question: if I download a preset someone has posted, do I just import it into the HX Edit software? thanks
  8. It does, thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction
  9. Thanks, I should have been more clear. So when I turn the tempo knob it goes 120.0 120.1 120.2 etc, that's what I meant that it only moves in 0.1 units, or 1/10 of a beat. If I wanna go from 120 to 60 it takes forever to turn the knob because it only moves in 0.1 increments. I'm hoping there's a quicker way to select BPM's. Hope this clarifies it
  10. Thanks everyone. I just received the Stomp, great unit, love it already!! Sounds like the HX Edit software is the way to go for organizing the Presets. Not sure if I should start another thread for this other question, but I can't find a way to change the tempo BPM in larger units than the default 0.1
  11. Hi, I'm considering the HX Stomp and am wondering if it's possible to select a few favourite presets and save them in an easily accessible spot so that they can be used for a gig. thx
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