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  1. sonicdeviant

    Moving Presets?

    Thank you. I was also looking for this. Not overly obvious in the documentation.
  2. sonicdeviant

    Monkey Cannot Update My Hd500

    Same here. Mac on Mavericks. Suddenly Monkey v165 can't connect (Code 80001019). Worked fine up until a few weeks ago. Maybe Mavericks update? Seems to sign in to the account fine but just can't check for updates. Last successful check for updates was before the v2.2 firmware for HD 500. Everything else shows the latest version, so this was a sudden, inexplicable error.
  3. sonicdeviant

    Line 6 Monkey - Can't Connect To The Internet

    Also cannot connect to server using Line 6 Monkey v165. No idea. Also on Maverick now.