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  1. Hello! Longtime Line 6 user here who lost his JTV-59 Variax and POD HD500. All I have left is a Pocket POD. I have this connected to my PC via USB and use the Vyzex software for tones. I have a crap-ton of backing tracks that I play to using Audition CS6. I am not very knowledgable about audio software other than the basics of recording and mixing and know almost nothing about MIDI. What I am wondering is whether it is possible, in any audio software but preferably Audition CS6, to embed a MIDI control signal in my backing tracks to automatically switch the bank of the Pocket POD to any other bank while the track is playing?
  2. Never had this issue before. I'm wondering if it's a coincidence that this just started happening or if it's related to the 2.0 Variax update (my Variax is connected by a VDI cable). When I turn the unit on, it boots up to my last used patch but there's an asterisk as if it's been modified but not saved to memory. The unit is now frozen. I have to click one of the patch change buttons (F5-F8), wait about 4 seconds, then it reboots back to the patch it first booted up with, complete with asterisk, but now I can use the unit normally. I've already reflashed and reinstalled the drivers. Any ideas/suggestions?
  3. research re·search [ri-surch, ree-surch] noun 1. diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, etc. I wasn't robbed - I got what I paid for because I took the time to make sure I was getting what I wanted. If I want a piece of software, I research it, try the demo and if I don't like it, I tell the company why I'm not buying their product. By some of the reactions to the HD500X I gather that when I go to the supermarket and see products I have used for years that are now "New and Improved" or "Super" or "Ultra" that I should feel like a pissed off beta tester who got robbed of taste, or functionality, or scent, or cleaning power, etc. Your HD500 probably has more market value than you think. I'm pretty sure that even in a limited market I could find someone who has done the research on both the HD500 and HD500X and would buy mine for $400 to save $100 for a fractional loss of DSP that most users don't use anyway. Since Line 6 has created a site for suggesting product ideas, instead of whining maybe you should suggest something. For example, if you really believe that the HD500X is exactly the same except for hardware, then might it not be possible for Line 6 to redesign the HD series into something like a computer that allows for hardware upgrades? Maybe they could sell a standard unit with X amount of memory and 1 DSP but have expansion slots for adding more memory and DSPs. Maybe they could program the HD Edit software with preferences for user-configurable unit displays.
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