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  1. spider1974

    Helix FAQ

    If 3 OSC will be polyphonic and nice sounding it will kill Boss SY-300. Generally polyphonic PS is a trend and it would be nice to include it in Helix. Even only Octaver would be nice.
  2. spider1974

    Helix FAQ

    But 3 OSC isn't pitch shifter... it is synthetiser. BTW: original Whammy is polyphonic today.
  3. spider1974

    Helix FAQ

    I read that Line 6 doesn't make any polyphonic pitch shifting FX. It dose it mean that effect called 3 OSC Synth will be monophonic?
  4. spider1974

    Helix FAQ

    Phone has vol knob on rack and on floor unit as I see.
  5. spider1974

    Helix FAQ

    1. Is it possible to full control FX/AMP settings in Helix Rack via third party MIDI floorboard? 2. 10 inputs in floor: 1. guitar, 2. Mic, 3. Variax, 4-7 loop, 8-9 stereo S/PDIF, 10 Aux. Is it correct? Is it possible use any of them only in 4 fx line or is it possible mix them independently and only for 4 of them use FX/Amps? 3. Tell us more about looper: Is it like external looper (Boss RC-3 for example) i.e. stereo with long recording time?
  6. spider1974

    Helix FAQ

    Six commands like CC, PC? or SysEx :) on different channels?
  7. spider1974

    Helix FAQ

    Question: How deep would be implemented MIDI command for control external devices? It will be close to solution like Ground Control Pro? I.e.: under one switch it send for example messages for 5 devices on different channels and for every device it send 1-10 CC#, PC.
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