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  1. Thanks a lot for that. I am actually not interested in an editor function in POD Farm for POD X3, but rather being able to for example easily change tones while I am busy playing along with some external music. "Easily" is a key word here. So can I do that? Another thing, the Gear Box: I did not know it was still available, but I have read that the GearBox has been replaced by POD Farm. Will I be able to install GearBox on Windows 10?
  2. I am using a POD X3 with GearBox on a Windows XP computer. That computer is about to fail, and is of course very old (Windows XP is not supported any more). I want to move to Windows 10. I only want to play along with music on for example Spotify and some of my own wav and mp3 files. I use an external mixer for mixing the POD X3 output with the external music. I understand that I can download POD Farm for free, being a registered POD X3 owner. But some info here and there makes me suspect that I will possibly not be able to control the POD X3 from POD Farm, in particular not change tones easily (in the tone banks in the POD X3). This is my key question. In short: If I setup a POD Farm 2.x on a Windows 10 machine, and connect it to my POD X3, can I control the POD X3 from the POD Farm easily, in particular switch between tones?
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