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  1. fester2000


    Should be cool, eh? Looking forward to real world reviews/clip/etc... Cheers, F2k
  2. fester2000


    Hey Toneman2121, where's that dog of yours? Been good, actually joined a band with some friends in the neighborhood. We suck but it's fun. Bought a Peavy 6505+ combo and cut the head off it. Running that with a GT100 and it works amazingly well for what we need. I'd consider another HD500, but I'd want to play one before purchasing it. Hope all's well on your end... Cheers, F2k
  3. fester2000


    Hey all, longtime no see/chat/whatevah. Hope everyone's doing well. HD500x...hmmm...interesting, yes. I wonder how much dsp improvement there is, and whether it's possible to max out the dsp with intensive fx, amps, etc.? Has there been any official comment on this from L6? Or the beta testers? Cheers, F2k
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