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  1. Are you running anything through the effects loop? I haven't had time to do more troubleshooting, but I suspect there's something flaky with the loop.
  2. Update from my last post. My problem got steadily worse until it was in a permanent state of edit mode. Even unplugged everything. Plugged the POD back in with nothing attached, switch patches, nothing worked . . . totally unusable. Took it in for service . . . couldn't reproduce the issue (typical). Even took my whole rig into the shop and hooked it up . . . everything worked like a charm . . . no issue. Got it back home and did two things: 1) New wall plug and power strip (I know it's a long shot, but thought power fluctuation might have something to do with it); and, 2) left off my busta grande pedal I was running through the effects loop (more likely the issue). Everything has worked fine. I left if this way until I played a show last week (didn't want to risk the problem coming back when I had a gig coming up). Now that I don't have a show for a few weeks, I'm going to try plugging the busta grande back in the loop and see if the problem comes back. If not, I'll revert back to the old power strip and plug and see if that does it. I'll post back if there are any results.
  3. Anyone make any progress with this? I'm having the problem with my HD400 . . . I'll be playing along, and randomly get the auto volume take-over. I can flip patches and get it back to normal . . . but of course, that's not going to be an option performing. :(
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