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  1. I have a JTV Variax. I cannot get the Workbench HD to recognize the instrument. I have read past posts on this problem and have tried to utilize other suggested fixes, without success. Monkey says everything is up to date. Here is my installed software: USB firmware 1.03 Workbench HD 2.12 Line 6 Monkey 1.72 I have the JTV hooked up to the Variax USB hub which is connected to USB on my computer which is running Windows 10. I have tried USB 2.0 and 3.0 and neither works with the Line 6 connection, although they work fine with other devices. There is a ¼ jack in the instrument, and the volume is turned up. The battery is fully charged and everything works fine when played through an amplifier. I do not have any guitar models or tunings engaged. I have checked each one of the connections, have disconnected and reconnected them several times. Each time I do, the flashing red light briefly turns green, then goes back to flashing red. When I start the Workbench HD 2.12 it says “Not connected†and getting it to rescan does not help. Any suggestions much appreciated.
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