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As you read this article, you may wish to access your Outlook PST files via your Gmail account or simply save your data in the event of a data corruption. The most effective way to complete the mission is to utilize software from a third party. Many instruments are available on the market, but the Shoviv is a sophisticated option that can assist you in uploading PST files to Gmail without having to worry.

A PST file is a database that stores various information, including events, contacts, and emails. It's personal in nature. It's supported by Microsoft Outlook, which is typically utilized for professional purposes.

As you are aware of MS Outlook being a desktop-based email application, if you want to access your data online, you have to migrate your emails into a cloud-based application. Gmail is one of the most popular email services with a lot of security. This is why many individuals want to transfer emails from PST files in Outlook to Gmail accounts.


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