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  1. Thank you sir, I thought so, I do see the sysex messages in midi-ox as well. It turns out Akai is lying when they say the Force responds to MMC. Sending play sometimes works and stop just restarts all the clips at the beginning. What a colossal piece of crap this thing has turned out to be. Seriously, anyone who complains about Line 6 support, updates etc, should go buy an Akai product. The “support specialist” I am dealing with has no idea what MMC is. Line 6 support blows these guys out of the water, at least in my experience. End rant...
  2. Can anyone confirm that sending MMC (stop, play etc.) messages from the Helix works? Appreciate it, thanks.
  3. Ok thank you so much. I understand how the midi CC's work now. I hope the 202 doesn't require a value, like you stated, and this should work. I will let you know how it goes. Could be a bit before I get to test this.
  4. Just the person I was hoping to talk to, rd2rk I appreciate the response. I will try and explain it better. My potential looping rig consists of the following. Helix LT Akai Force Boss rc-202 looper I want the rc-202 to be controlled by the Helix. The same midi CC that starts recording a loop, also starts playback/overdub of the loop. So the switch is pressed, loop starts recording, the loop button is pushed a second time, completing and starting playback/overdub of the loop, and the rc-202 will send a midi clock start message, and transmit midi clock to the Akai Force via midi cable. The Akai Force will listen for an incoming clock signal, but it will not "play" it's sequencer because it will not respond to the midi clock start message. It will only start if it receives an MMC Play message, which Helix can send. So my question is, if say midi cc#80 is sent after engaging snapshot 1, can snapshot 2 send the same midi CC#80, but additionally send an MMC Play message, so that the Akai Force sequencer starts, and receives midi clock from the rc-202? This would give me a nice tight sync between the looper and sequencer. Sad part is both the Helix and Akai have built in loopers, neither of which can accomplish this. This guy has the idea I want with different gear. His Novation Circuit is in perfect sync, because the Novation will respond to the midi start message.
  5. Hi folks, I'm trying to wrap my head around Command Center and snapshots. I want to sync a Boss rc-202 looper with my Akai Force. I want to setup Helix Command center so that snapshot 1 sends midi CC to the looper, and snapshot 2 sends the same midi CC to start playback of the loop, but also sends an MMC play message to the Akai Force at the same time (force doesn't respond to midi). Can I do this with instant access switches on 2 different snapshots? I need midi breakout cables which I don't have, so I cannot test. Just hoping, in theory anyway, this is possible. I can't seem to get it working using midi-ox to capture the messages. Thanks for any advice/guidance.
  6. I forgot to mention, the patch was renamed to it's original name. Not sure why it was renamed, but wanted to let you know. I downloaded that patch and changed the name.
  7. Hi Michael, Thanks for letting me know, at least I know I'm not crazy. Not familiar with the way things work at Line 6. Do you guys think I should be creating a bug report as well? Is Line 6 good at fixing these types of issues?
  8. Really appreciate your help! Thanks for taking the time to test. I did open a support ticket tonight, as something is definitely not right. Upgraded to 2.71 right out of the box last Sunday. Just to see what would happen, I changed the value to midi CC 100 and 102 on the 2 switches. That's wonky too. I cannot switch back and forth between the 2, it locks up and can take 5-6 presses to respond and take up to 20-30 seconds to switch the midi cc's. That should be instant, so something is clearly off. Really glad you cannot replicate the issue, I am hoping it's my Helix, as I can swap it out where I purchased it. Thanks again rd2rk!
  9. Ok so I tried what you said. Same thing was happening with the preset you attached, so I started a new preset. Saved every time I modified the 2 switches in midi command center for each snapshot. I cycle through the 4 snapshots, and test the 2 switch's (switch 10 and 11) settings using capacitive touch so that it displays the settings. All are fine. I can cycle through the snapshots, and midi notes D4 and E4 are displayed for switch 10 and 11 exactly as I set them up. and on every preset. Save preset and test again. All is fine. I select a snapshot, and hit switch 11 which sends the midi note to engage my looper. As soon as I am recording, and start changing snapshots, the settings on either switch changes to midi note C1. Sometimes it does it on multiple snapshots, could be switch 10 that changes, could be switch 11 sometimes both. What's worse, those settings are saved in the preset, even if I reboot the Helix without saving. All I did before taking pic 3 attached was hit switch 11, then change snapshots while moving the expression pedal. I am no stranger to Midi, I've never seen anything like this. If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. One of the reasons I bought a Helix was because of the midi control functionality. If I can't get this figured out, I will have to return it. Such a shame because it sounds amazing.
  10. Even as I attach this, it has switched one or both switches to C1 on 3 of the 4 snapshots. Appreciate the help. AC30 Looping.hlx
  11. Hi folks. New Helix LT user here. I am having an issue with Command Center specifically configuring midi note on messages, to control the looping functions of my Elektron Octatrack. I have setup 2 switches in Command Center, both momentary. The first sends midi note 62 (D4), the second sends midi note 64(E4). It works, but for some reason one or both switches keep reverting back to midi note C1. I keep recreating the patch, saving it, but it keeps happening. Any ideas? Very frustrating, as if it would just retain my configured notes, it would work perfectly. The only thing I am not sure of is the capacative touch switches. Is it possible that I am touching the switch and moving the expression pedal to a value of zero and this is changing the setting? I have tried to recreate this scenario and can't. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  12. nuggs_1

    Helix Effects

    Thanks Phil, just the kind of comments I needed to hear. Will get back at it tonight.
  13. nuggs_1

    Helix Effects

    I was watching your 2 voice (+ Ambience) video on youtube when you replied to this post. That sounds fantastic. Right up my alley. Appreciate the response.
  14. nuggs_1

    Helix Effects

    Hi folks, This is my first post here (I believe). I purchased a Helix LT last night, and while I find the amp models pretty amazing, I was a little underwhelmed with the effects, particularly the delays and reverbs. I mainly play ambient stuff, looping swells and drone's and playing over top of that. Almost every good example I find on youtube has a Big Sky or a high quality VST reverb involved. I tried downloading some ambient patches from the Line 6 Custom Tone site, and again I was underwhelmed. When I added Valhalla Shimmer and/or Blackhole Reverb in Ableton, wow things were sounding pretty good. I had hopes to get into this territory without the use of external pedals/vst's. Admittedly, I spent at most 2 hours with the unit, as it was late, so there's still a learning curve involved. Just wondering what people's opinions are on the effects and experiences with ambient patches as well. Is it just a matter of spending more time with the LT? I wanted to be saying "WOW" but I just wasn't. Thanks in advance for the feedback, it is appreciated.
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