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  1. Batteryclip laying under de cooler, this is a cooler for a another compenent. Yes i solder it. Before you do that, code the cables and take photo's because a lot of things must be reconnected.
  2. Photo with the replacement in my Vetta-II Combo
  3. Yes en maybe you must solder a extra wire to one of the pins (i could not find a 3 pin holder)
  4. Internetlink Conrad: https://www.conrad.nl/zoeken?search=cr2430&searchType=regular
  5. 2 pins, view the picture
  6. Yes on the same place, i have not testing the change with the new replacement. The best is before you change the battery to make a back-up from you amp/tonebanks (i think so, but.........)
  7. I use for Windows10 the Line6 Editor V3.06.0, but i have buy an antoher midi-interface because i had problemens with de older interface (no communication with the Vetta-II combo). I have now the Roland USB UM-ONE midi-interface and it works now perfect with Windows10 en the editor.
  8. Yes i have replaced it with a batteryclip and solder on the board, type of battery = GP Lithium CR2430 and delivered by conrad.nl (German electronicsshop). The results after replacing perfect.
  9. My VETTA-II Combo works good under Windows10 with a USB Roland UM-ONE midi interface, installed on this day and it works perfect.
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